"Outside of the normal expectation of wood caramel and vanillin, the appearance stays rich in color what I would expect a vsop to be at still lighter than xo.

The nose is definitely fruitier, mostly of dried apricot and toasted hazel nut with a ting of torched banana which I would expect from chardonnay base. The only thing that seems a little lax in the spirit is a note of spice. I don't know much about the elevage of spirits, but it would seem that they should take on a slight baking spice note that I don't find in this that I have found in G-R or other good armagnac and cognac. Maybe that is an XO expectation, but if you want my opinion on a finished bottle... an elevated note of baking spice or peppercorn would really make this bottle complete.

I have to say though. Really well done. Doesn't taste cheap or neutral, has good expression with real vibrant character."

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